In recent years, the Karlsøy Festival has developed as a co-creative and participatory festival. This means that everyone who comes to the festival participates and helps create the festival. In this way, we want to abolish the distinction between the public, volunteers, organisers, artists, musicians and others who contribute in various ways.

We will still book/invite someone in particular to deliver technique and some of the content for the programme. But it is also open for you to come on the program with something you want to contribute or show off.

Everyone who joins the program is a participant on an equal basis with everyone else. Most people who contribute content to the program will probably be part of the program group. Here they help with practical and technical arrangements so that the program can be carried out. You help each other with rigging, connecting and everything else that is needed for everyone to have good experiences. But there is nothing to prevent you from also joining one of the other groups if you wish.



Polardegos / Sliteneliten / Len Hansen / Gypsy Chicken / Dan Fägerquist / Ministry of Peace / SpitzBergen Rezidents / Karlsøy Prestegaard / Klubb Ørnebror / Ben's Bluesband / One Family / Ødemark / RÅK


Urokråka Teaterkompani / “No techno no poetry” (Russia) / Freedom Theater (Palestine) / Galleri Gàlsà: Karolina Monika Miszczuk / Co-creative art: Open Call / Opening performance for Karlsøy Yurta 2023 – libations of liberation with Maya Mi Samuelsen, Ingvild Austgulen, Biniam Abbai Gezai, Ahmed Tobasi, Loan TP Hoang / Fredstralla, Karina Sletten and Skråvvågutan


Children's and youth power / Workshops with Loan TP Hoang, Biniam A Ghezai, Lintu Maria Sofia and Jim Arne Robertsen / Children's food including a pizza workshop / Stick workshop: Join us and explore the world of sticks!


Peace and utopia / Freedom theater / Working for peace in Kurdish Iraq / Russian cultural resistance / Social movements towards utopia / Tales of queer gods / From 22 July to 25 June / Citizens' wages as a utopian practice / Mushroom course and gathering in nature / Activist workshop with The Latin American groups / Political struggle in Brazil / Food as utopian practice / Festival cinema

Karlsøyfestivalen reserves the right to make changes to the programme.

Invitation to contribute a program at Karlsøyfestivalen 2024 

The Karlsøy Festival is a small festival on Karlsøya in Troms. Karlsøya is approximately 65 kilometers plus half an hour by ferry from Tromsø, which is the nearest city and public transport hub. There has been a festival on Karlsøya since 2000. The festival focuses on music, art, children's activities, politics, local food and nature experiences. The Karlsøy Festival is the first week in August, costs… Read more »Invitation to contribute a program at Karlsøyfestivalen 2024 

Borger Salaries

BIEN Norge was founded in October 2012. This as a nationwide party-politically neutral organization to inform the population in Norway about basic income, as well as get basic income on the political agenda and promote basic income in Norway. The organization is associated with the global basic income network Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), the European network Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) and the… Read more »Borger Salaries


LIBATIONS OF LIBERATION Love______Peace____Unity "Libations of Liberation" is an initiation of Karlsøy Yurta's foundation circle, and a collective tribute to universal love, freedom and peace 🕊 Together with local, regional, national and international artists / activists, we invite all festival participants to a session at the intersection between ceremony and performing arts, poetry and politics, reality and utopia. Dance. Dabke. Dream.… Read more »KARLSØY🔘YURTA ✨INITIATION ~ CEREMONY✨

Photo: Contradictions

Peace and Utopia

Photo: Contradictions In this year's main seminar, we first meet peace activists from Palestine, Kurdish Iraq and Russia, before discussing practical, concrete utopian proposals, and citizens' wages and food as utopian practices. Culture as resistance against occupation The Freedom Theater in Jenin is not only a theatre, but also an institution that consciously uses theater as a link... Read more »Peace and Utopia


The program is ready!

We have now published the complete program for the entire festival with times and locations on the island. Updated program is always available on the website. In addition, it will be printed in the paper program and hung up on the Festival Square, the quay and the shop during the festival. Karlsøyfestivalen reserves the right to make changes.

Karolina and Svein-Egil

Festival artist of the year: Karolina Monika Miszczuk

Karolina Monika Miszczuk is a visual artist of Polish origin living in Malangen in Troms. 


Fredstralla, Karina Sletten and Skråvvågutan

Fredstralla is an interdisciplinary art project created in collaboration between musician and slam poet Ingvild Austgulen and glass artist Linn Kalseth. The idea sprung from the frustration over an unvarnished war debate, where armament and rearmament are presented as the only means to peace and justice.

Karlsøy Prestegaard

KPG is without a doubt the country's longest-living and still ongoing band project, and will also in the future continue to travel around to spread its text-musical messages to the people. The music is inspired by the only thing that was on the planet before the oceans, soil, trees, birds, animals and man came - "ROCK". They also draw inspiration from the oldest mountains that arose, which are located in Finnmark and in the area around Karlsøya. As the band themselves say, "The biggest thing in life is love".

Dan Fägerquist


Karlsøyfestivalen is extremely excited to be able to present the Swedish deputy artist Dan Fägerquist on our festival program this year. After a seven-year hiatus from the touring life, Fägerquist is back on stage again with his own music, but with a tone reminiscent of the really greats.



With poppy power ballads, folk songs with 70s schwung, rocking rock songs and lyrics so densely packed with meaning that the vocalist almost raps, Sliteneliten invites you to dance on the embankment and sing along to demand a six-hour working day, eat the rich, give farmers decent conditions, crush capital , and create a better world with freedom, house and luxury for everyone, not just for the few.

Political struggle in Brazil 2023 with activist workshop

In May, the Landless Movement in Brazil (MST) received six activists from Norway on a solidarity brigade through the Latin American groups. This is a long-term exchange project between social movements in Norway and Latin America. MST, as one of the world's largest social movements, fights for the right to land and access to healthy food for all. The activists will give an insight into… Read more »Political struggle in Brazil 2023 with activist workshop



So be prepared to be impressed by Ødemark - a band that brings together different musical impulses and creates a unique, hard-hitting and atmospheric garage rock experience. They are ready to take Karlsøyfestivalen 2023 and give the audience a memorable musical experience.

Len Hansen


Len Hansen is a Norwegian-Canadian artist, musician, songwriter and composer with an impressive career of over 50 years. He has been an important bridge builder between Canada and Norway with his guitar and singing. He has performed at hundreds of concerts in Norway, Europe and Canada, and his performance in Ålesund in the 1970s, together with artists such as Finn Kalvik, Ingrid Hagerup and Fairport Convention, was even broadcast on NRK TV.

"No techno no poetry"

"No techno no poetry" (RU)

"No techno no poetry" is a musical collaboration that was forced to cease operations in Russia after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. To express their opposition to war, they published a manifesto and made a collective distancing movement. The group members now live in Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig. And for the first time in a year and a half, they will share the stage with each other again at the Karlsøy Festival.


Tales of queer gods

Queers have been part of society at all times and in all places. What happens if we try to read the old Norse myths with queer glasses? Norse myths are full of stories about gods and others who break the norms of gender and sexuality. Just think about how Sleipner came to be. Made it through Tor and… Read more »Tales of queer gods

Stick workshop

Stick workshop: Join us and explore the world of sticks!

Welcome to a workshop about sticks and how to find security through sticking sticks. Together we will learn about sticks, discuss them and nail our own.

SpitzBergen Residents

SpitzBergen Residents

SpitzBergen Rezidents is a band that has grown out of the initiative "Music in prison and freedom", where the participants have previously served time in prison and received music training both during and after serving time.

Children's Activities with Jessica Kiil (2022)

Child and youth power continues this year! 

On Monday and Tuesday, all children, young people and adults who sign up for the children's and young people's group will be able to write down what they want to do at the festival. On Tuesday evening, we will create a great program together, so that the ideas and wishes we have written down can become reality! By creating the program in this way, children and young people are also involved in the unique experience of creating the festival together. 


Polardegos is back on Karlsøy!

The samplepunk gang consisting of members from bands such as Tungtvann, Biru Baby, böyen beng and Darkside of the Force is coming back to Karlsøy! They did their very first concert with us, then in a reduced pandemic setting.


Opening performance for Karlsøy Yurta 2023



Club Ørnebror

Club Ørnebror at the Karlsøy Festival

DJ Ørnebror, also known as Øyvind Brungot Dahl, plays music from all over the world while living and organic lights and pictures on the walls dance to the music. Ørnebror originally used to perform at the infamous Taxi Take Away pub in Oslo, but when the pub was closed, DJ Ørnebror started traveling around and playing in various underground places and hideouts in the capital.

Ben's Blues Band


We have a special love for music and enjoy the freedom of improvisation. Get ready! We welcome all the wonderful people out there. We really hope to see you there. We can hardly wait! NOK

Urokråka theater company

Urokråka Theater Company

Urokråka Teaterkompani is a left-wing radical theater company that wants to create unrest! A low-threshold offer. In the company. At the festival, Urokråka Teaterkompani contributes a performance / ritual around personal and political grief(-processes). This is in collaboration with activists from Skeivt Opprør.



RÅK is known for their popular songs such as "Huldra" and "Heile lievt for dæ", and there is no doubt that their unique interpretation of "Råkevisa" will be a highlight this year as well.