The new participant concept for the festival may sound a bit dry and constructive to experienced Karlsøy festival guests. Of course, we have not forgotten the PARTY at the Karlsøy Festival. After two years with corona restrictions, we are reasonably sure that it is not just the Karlsøy Festival Association that is ready for a naval battle of a festival on the island of dreams. 

At this year's festival it is DU which is the program, which means that we open up that everyone who wants to come and participate is welcome to DO IT YOURSELF as long as it is within the festival's manifesto. The festival has technical equipment and participants who can assist with concert development, installations, electricity and other needs. Contact technical group if you have questions.

As a rule, the atmosphere tends to build up day by day towards the festival weekend itself, which after all sun marks becomes a weekend for the history books with, among other things, roots reggae from Manna and real northern Norwegian punk from Anti Social Rejects. We also arrange concerts indoors and outdoors in various forms and events such as quizzes and film screenings in the evenings. We also avoid more surprises throughout the spring and summer.

Kia dances
Participants dance on the festival site

Program features at the Karlsøy Festival 2022