In recent years, the Karlsøy Festival has developed as a co-creative and participatory festival. This means that everyone who comes to the festival participates and helps create the festival. In this way, we want to abolish the distinction between the public, volunteers, organisers, artists, musicians and others who contribute in various ways.

We will still book/invite someone in particular to deliver technique and some of the content for the programme. But it is also open for you to come on the program with something you want to contribute or show off.

Everyone who joins the program is a participant on an equal basis with everyone else. Most people who contribute content to the program will probably be part of the program group. Here they help with practical and technical arrangements so that the program can be carried out. You help each other with rigging, connecting and everything else that is needed for everyone to have good experiences. But there is nothing to prevent you from also joining one of the other groups if you wish.

Open invitation to contribute program content

Karlsøyfestivalen wants to invite the participants to contribute with program features. So if you/you have something you are passionate about, a workshop, slam poetry, lectures, music, place-based nature art or something else you would like to share, you can respond to this open invitation. We would then like you to fill in the form below in which you describe: What you/you... Read more »Open invitation to contribute program content

Co-creative, involving and participatory art

Open call for facilitation of co-creative, involving and participatory art The Karlsøy Festival 2023 will focus on co-creating, involving and participatory art. What is often referred to in English as community art. This means an artistic process that contributes to creating community and is open to the participants of the festival, regardless of previous artistic experience. We invite… Read more »Co-creative, involving and participatory art

Opening performance for KarlsøyYurta

KarlsøyYurta is the Karlsøy Festival's new building project which is planned to be completed in 2023. The purpose of the project is a cultural building in connection with the Karlsøy Festival which will function as a production and screening arena for dance and other performing arts. CrotonicX and Karlsøyfestivalen invite performing artists to help create a ceremonial opening performance for KarlsøyYurta as a… Read more »Opening performance for KarlsøyYurta