Practical info

Karlsøya is a beautiful and lush island in North Troms, which offers fantastic nature experiences and adventures. Considering that the island is located exactly 70 degrees north, you may want to plan the trip a little in advance. Here are some tips on how to live a comfortable festival experience on Karlsøya.

Participant Passports / Tickets

Everyone must buy a participant's passport to be a participant in the festival. The pass costs NOK 500 throughout the festival and includes simple breakfast and dinner as long as you are on the island. This means that you can come the Saturday before the festival week and stay until Tuesday the following week. You can buy a participant passport on our website (link) or at the entrance when you come to the island. When you buy a passport, you must register contact information and what you want to contribute at the festival.

Roastfish & Cornbread

Transport / Travel

The scheduled bus (weekdays) from Tromsø 16.35 which corresponds with the ferry 18.20. On weekdays you can take the ferry 07.20, which corresponds by bus to Tromsø and the airport. 

Camping site

There is free camping on the island so now you have the opportunity to combine fantastic nature experiences with festival life. We also have an "official" festival camp in addition to a child-friendly and drug-free family camp. It is possible to bring a motorhome, but we would recommend leaving the car on Hansnes ferry quay and bring a tent and backpack on the ferry.

Bonfire food

Food and drink

Participant passes include a simple breakfast and dinner eaten together. In addition, we will sell a larger selection of good food in the evenings. Drinks are sold in the Zapatista Bar at the festival house and water is free. Among the selection, we can tempt with, among other things, bacalao, marinated wild sheep, lentil soup, stew and lots of other digg. If you need something more, it can be bought at the Karlsøya store, which is open every day during the festival.


The island is located exactly at 70 degrees north and the weather can change quickly. The weather is usually quite nice and not too cold in the beginning of August, but it is a good idea to bring warm clothes, rainwear and rubber boots if you want to stay dry and warm.

outdoor door

Washing and hygiene

There is a washing station with cold water outside the festival area. There are also sinks with hot water at the festival house. Hygiene items and similar sell at the Karlsøya store.

dog at festival


There is restraint on the island due to animal husbandry, so if you have a dog with you, you must make sure that it does not come loose or bother anyone. The Cardamom Act also applies to animals.

Peace sticker

Sticker competition

Close your eyes, open your mind, explore your dreams and let your imagination run wild! We are looking for you to make this year's sticker that all participants get me home from the festival. The deadline for submissions is July 1, so we have time to print before the festival. You have full artistic freedom in making it but we… Read more "Sticker competition

Do you want a stand at the festival?

Do you want a stand for your party, organization or a marketplace at the Karlsøy Festival 2022?