Practical info

Karlsøya is a beautiful and lush island in North Troms, which offers fantastic nature experiences and adventures. Considering that the island is located exactly 70 degrees north, you may want to plan the trip a little in advance. Here are some tips on how to live a comfortable festival experience on Karlsøya.

Participant Passports / Tickets

Everyone must buy a participant's passport to be a participant in the festival. The pass costs NOK 600 throughout the festival and includes simple breakfast and dinner as long as you are on the island. This means that you can come the Saturday before the festival week and stay until Tuesday the following week. You can buy a participant passport on our website (link) or at the entrance when you come to the island. When you buy a passport, you must register contact information and what you want to contribute at the festival.

Roastfish & Cornbread

Transport / Travel

Karlsøya is located in Karlsøy municipality, a good hour's car / bus ride north of Tromsø. The easiest way is to take the scheduled bus (weekdays) from Tromsø at 16.35 which corresponds with the ferry at 18.20. On weekdays you can take the ferry 07.20, which corresponds by bus to Tromsø and the airport. 


There is free camping on the island so now you have the opportunity to combine fantastic nature experiences with festival life. We also have an "official" festival camp in addition to a child-friendly and drug-free family camp. It is possible to bring a motorhome, but we would recommend leaving the car on Hansnes ferry quay and bring a tent and backpack on the ferry.

Karlsøty Festival's Handbook v8.1

Check out the Karlsøy Festival's most important work tool, the Handbook

Now there are only three short months left until we gather in creative interaction at Karlsøy in Troms! 

The festival association has come to life, the program is on its way to the public and this year's poster is about to be completed. This year, as last year, the festival is organized as a joint venture, where the currency is time, desire, interest and effort. The reward comes in the form of mastery, social interaction, belonging, identity and, not least, quantities of rich art, music, food and other cultural expressions in the world's most beautiful nature.

Karlsøy Festival 2023

This year the Karlsøy Festival has its 25th anniversary!

Over the past 25 years, we have evolved into an adventurous gathering of positive forces, a celebration of alternative voices fighting for a better world characterized by solidarity, compassion and love. We have our own manifesto and a handbook that describes the festival, and which helps new participants get to know... Read more »This year the Karlsøy Festival has its 25th anniversary!

Welcome to a green festival!

Going forward, we want to become a greener festival, become increasingly zero-waste and that we can contribute to the circular cycle. 

Very important message in that regard; We hope that everyone who comes to the Karlsøy Festival brings plates, cups and cutlery with them, so that we can use them at the communal meals instead of disposable products. There is, of course, a washing machine in the area. 

We have a group travel channel on Facebook where YOU can let us know if you are traveling to or from the Karlsøy Festival and have room for more people in your car. And so you who need to sit on, can enter there. This reduces both the costs for people and we travel as environmentally friendly as possible. Read more about our community garden and the compost we will make together here