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Ferries return on Saturday, but no bus until Sunday. Ferry and bus times are usually intended for commuters. The extra buses we set up are one outward on Saturday and two back on Sunday.

Manu Chao plays early Saturday night. The exact time has not been set, but you will have time to set up a tent and eat some food before the concert if you arrive on the last ferry at 18.15pm. Manna, Karlsøy Prestegaard, Elin and the Woods and Antisocial Rejects also play on Saturday night, so this will be a bit of a party.

The participant pass includes breakfast and dinner every day from Tuesday to Saturday. There is a sale of small dishes between breakfast and dinner, and simple dishes in the festival pub every evening. There is a full festival kitchen with food sales on Friday and Saturday evenings.

You can also buy hot food, bread, cold cuts and basic goods at the shop on the island.

The idea of ​​a participant festival is that we will all create the festival together. The background is that for many of us, who have been involved with the festival for several years, it is precisely making the festival together that is the most enjoyable part of the whole week.

Those who arrive the earliest will be able to participate and contribute the most and experience the community that is created through making something together. Hopefully this will give those who participate an experience of ownership of the entire festival, so that we can share responsibilities and tasks throughout the week.

Everyone participates and contributes as much as they want and want. It is not the case that you have to work so and so many hours, or are given such and such tasks, as you do as a volunteer. But you get the opportunity to join in and contribute what you can, when you want.

At the same time, there are many tasks that have to be done, food has to be prepared, rigged up and rigged down, looked after and everything that is needed for everyone to have a good experience. We hope to be able to do this and take responsibility for it together.

Those who come on Friday or Saturday will of course not have the same opportunity to contribute in the same way, but we still hope that everyone contributes in their own way. You can do that by looking after each other, taking an extra beer can with you on the way to throw your own if there is one on the ground. And if you see that some help is needed to carry something, you can help with that. If we need to carry 20 trays for the beer sale, then it will only be one trip if 20 people take a tray each, instead of one person having to take 20 trips. And if you are sober and want to put on a vest and take a little extra care, that is of course also welcome.

But the most important thing is that we create this together, and that together we do what we can to ensure that everyone has a good experience.

Yes, it is a small shop run by community residents that has simple basic goods. This is also where the gallery Gàlsà is. During the festival, it may also be possible to buy a small meal here.

Opening times can be found here.

No, it's a splice layer, and nobody's profiting from this. We are non-profit, and all possible profits go back to the renovation and upgrading of the festival house / area

We have no registration deadline. BUT it costs NOK 750 at the door from 2 August, when the festival has started. It costs NOK 500 until the festival starts. 

It's free ferry to Karlsøya (pdf) from Hansnes ferry quay (openstreetmap). You can drive or cycle there from Tromsø (63 kilometres). Or you can take bus 430 (pdf) from Tromsø.

Extra buses and ferries have also been set up. All information about this can be found at the festival's transport page.

Basically, there is no cap on the number of participants. But if we see that a lot of participant passes are sold on Saturday, compared to ordinary participant passes, we may consider closing the sale.

We would like to remind you that the price of a participant's pass is only NOK 500 until 1 August, so it pays anyway to buy a pass in advance.

It is of course you as a parent who best assesses what is suitable for your child. The festival has no restrictions on this. The festival has its own host group with sober adults present, who together with you parents jointly ensure that it feels safe for the children.

We also organize a fun time with cinema, popcorn and the like inside the festival house on Saturday evening, so that the children have a quiet place to relax.

There can also be loud music, so we recommend bringing hearing protection or other protection for the children's ears.

There is a curfew on Karlsøya until 20 August. There are both wild sheep, wild birds and other wildlife in nature on the island. In addition, a festival can be a stressful experience for animals. There may therefore be restrictions on taking dogs and other animals into the festival area itself. We therefore recommend that you leave your pets at home. It will probably both ensure a better festival experience for you, while the animals will also feel better.

It's a splice layer this year. This means that we can have the same low price for everyone. The idea is also that it can eventually create less bureaucracy and jobs for all of us. We want to avoid different categories, rosters and so on. We want to move on to creating a culture and atmosphere where we do this together. We try to move more in line with our manifesto, where do-it-yourself, hard work, joint efforts and responsibility are at the forefront.

Inside the festival house, it will work, if there are not a lot of people at the same time. But you have to take care of it yourself!

The plan is to have an open network for everyone at the festival site. The weekend before, we will hopefully get it in place.

It works, but there are limited places you can put them. Feel free to check with someone who is there in advance. We do not have any campsites or places set aside for this, or the opportunity to provide electricity.

There is free camping in the open field, and lots of beautiful places and camps. We have placed some outdoor toilets around. Also in Sandvika which is our beautiful beach two km from the festival area there is an outdoor toilet. Water can be fetched at the festival area and the festival house

There is a shower at the festival house, which can be used. BUT We unfortunately close the water at the festival house when cooking for sale starts, to save on hot water. This is mostly Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ask those who are in the group Hosts or someone who lives on the island, then you can definitely get tips on where to take a shower.

You can! We have unfortunately finished booking, so we have no fee to give. But you can sign up as a participant in the program group, and participate with the program. Then you are part of the splice team and pay 500 for breakfast and dinner every day from Tuesday to Saturday. If you need any facilitation, we would like to hear about it in good time so we can get it / check if it is possible for us to do. You can email this to booking@karlsoyfestivalen.no

Each one decides for themselves how much they want to contribute, in collaboration with the rest of the group they are in. In other words, within each group we find out how much work there will be for everyone. The idea is that when many people participate and contribute, there will not be as much work for each individual. We will all get some time off and enjoy ourselves this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have no registration deadline. The price is NOK 600.

We have no maximum limit for how many participation fees we sell.