The participating groups

Karlsøyfestivalen wants to create a participatory festival, and a lively meeting place where everyone who comes can create, play, discuss, learn and experience together. Everything that happens during this week in August, we create together.

The idea behind the participant festival is that we create a culture where everyone contributes and pulls together, in addition to having fun and being pleasant. At the group meetings every day, we find out how to solve everything that needs to be solved to create a festival. In other words; within each group, we find out how much work will be done on everyone. When many people participate and contribute, there is not so much work for each individual.

ANY are participants and pay one price (NOK 600) for the whole week and that includes simple breakfast and dinner in addition to all activities, concerts and other experiences. Children and young people under 18 are free.

Kitchen and serving group

In the kitchen and serving group, we prepare good food together with skilled people from the best ingredients available. In this group we also collect some of the good growth that is found on the island. And this will be food both for the communal meals and for sale. In addition, someone has to sell food in the evening during the hours the sale lasts.

The children's and youth group

Do you want to help make fun days together with children and young people? In this group you can be creative, go for walks, cook over a fire, dance, paint, make music and do lots of other fun!

Caretaker and practical group

We have to prepare places to shelter from the rain, put a tarpaulin on the stage, set up lavvos for people to sleep in and get trees for firewood.

If you like to build, fix and be practical, if you like to be outside and work with your hands and body, then join this group!

Karlsøya. Photo: Grete Hoel

The environmental and cleaning group

In this group, you can help arrange so that it will be a good environment for all of us. Above all, we want to be a green festival! In addition, the festival house needs a wash once in a while.

Do you have ideas on how we can facilitate that as many people as possible are as environmentally friendly as possible? Then we will be happy if you sign up for this group.

Host and guard group

Make everyone who comes to the island feel welcome! At the gate, in the office and all around. In this group, you help provide information about ferry routes or serving rules, take care of the participants in different ways and organize the breakfasts and general meetings. 

In this group, you can also be used as a potato, so if you are ready for a bit of everything - welcome to the group!

Program organization and technical group

Do you want to be a part of making sure that all the wonderful program can happen?

Program organization and technical group are responsible for chairs, sound and lighting at the Zapatista bar, Lillescena, Storscena and all other stages on the island. This group meets everyone on the programme, and plans the day at daily morning meetings.

Co-creative and social art and culture

Much of the program at the Karlsøy Festival has a common thread in that they are co-creative and social art and cultural projects.

Gathering through co-creative and social art and culture is important because our planet is in crisis in several ways.

Scientists warn that if we continue on the way we are doing now, we are rapidly approaching the tipping point for major climate change of the catastrophic kind.

The far right is growing in Europe, the walls are being built higher and polarization between people is getting stronger around the world.

And as we all know, brutal genocide, colonialism and abuse of power happen.

The changes that must take place to reduce the great climate catastrophe are the same ones we need to create a world of peace, solidarity, inclusion and love. Read more here about how we can help create this with the help of art and culture

Om'playade for Fred and Arne

Will create ESK, an After School CLUB for All Ages and all colors. For everyone who has more time than NOK. 

Samha, Grevling, Tingeling or Britt Marryan Carlsson as her actual name is, is one of those who came to Karlsøya when there was a Rainbow gathering in 1989. She has been at the festival for many years, and has tried to make us Star-Aware. She wants to make a Courthouse. a Circus arena. For the playful person. The goal is Activity Houses and Landesteder for the entire C team, for everyone who has more time than NOK. Is her Desire' goal. Our Siida. This year she comes to Karlsøya, has an opening for OLi OOO and Etter Skoletid Klubben ESK with various activities.