Good for Kidza

    Pønk for kidza is a children's pønk concept by Dømt. Here you get good reasons not to go to bed, you get to know what ketchup is good for and the children get to know both a cool camel called Kåre Jonny and the sailor Selma better. In addition, you will find out who is really the boss at home and a song about all sorts of weird and nothing called the Pling plong ding dong song!

    Om'playade for Fred and Arne

      Will create ESK, an After School CLUB for All Ages and all colors. For everyone who has more time than NOK. 

      Samha, Grevling, Tingeling or Britt Marryan Carlsson as her actual name is, is one of those who came to Karlsøya when there was a Rainbow gathering in 1989. She has been at the festival for many years, and has tried to make us Star-Aware. She wants to make a Courthouse. a Circus arena. For the playful person. The goal is Activity Houses and Landesteder for the entire C team, for everyone who has more time than NOK. Is her Desire' goal. Our Siida. This year she comes to Karlsøya, has an opening for OLi OOO and Etter Skoletid Klubben ESK with various activities.

      Children's program of the year!

        Do you want to help create the world's best summer activities together with children and young people?
        This year too, children and young people create the program together with the adults who sign up for the children's and young people's group.
        This is already on the children's program this year: 
        T-shirt workshop, redesign and wool workshop, Intergalactic Art School, gymnastics workshop, theater workshop, yoga and silence sessions for children and young people. 
        Concerts: Pønk for kidza and Karlsøy Fredskor + all the other concerts!
        On Saturday evening there is a children's cinema inside the festival house and on Friday evening activities in the children's lavvo. From Tuesday to Saturday, there are three shared meals for those in the children's and youth group. Free for children and young people under the age of 18

        Karlsøy Peace Choir

          Choir singing is the biggest cultural activity in Norway. Around 5% of us sing in a vocal group or choir. Feeling together and feeling a common rhythm with other people through song releases the feeling of happiness in the body. It brings great joy and helps you to have a greater quality of life. Everyone can sing! Join us and we'll make a choir! You don't need to know anything beforehand. Bring yourself and sing along with us. Maybe there will be Northern Norwegian shows, pop ballads and Bob Dyland? Maybe we can sing in two parts? Welcome to choir practice two days during the festival. We practice in Karlsøy church during the festival week. This is for both adults, young people and children, and is supported by Frifond. The children involved should be able to read

          WAHA SOS – significance of spirit

            "WAHA SOS - significance of spirit" is a collective tribute to universal rhythms and rituals through boundless time and space - to universes of metamorphosis, transformation and transformation. When many come together about what matters most - the universe will respond. The project opens up a spiritual journey where past, present and future merge into a timeless fabric between individual freedom, creative interaction and collective counterforce.

            Freedom Theatre's visit to Norway is part of an artistic collaboration that focuses on art and cultural expression as part of freedom of expression and a peaceful contribution to the Palestinian resistance.

            THE FREEDOM THEATER is an internationally recognized theater located in the refugee camp in Jenin on the West Bank in Palestine.
            NORDIC BLACK XPRESS is Nordic Black Theatre's own theater school and theater development project with a focus on diversity and transcultural exchange
            CROTONICX is a project-based performance collective that works with dance, rhythms and rituals in collaboration with artists, actors and activists at the crossroads of artistic discipline, form and expression.

            Workshop for simple redesign, t-shirt printing and wool. 

              Do you want to make your own clothes with your own statement and motif?
              Perhaps you have a boring piece of clothing that needs a new design, or you want to fix something you find with us?

              In this workshop for both children and adults, we make the coolest festival t-shirts of the year and give old clothes new meaning!

              We have a lot of equipment and clothes available, but please also bring used clothing items, ribbons, buttons, fabrics that you have no use for, so that someone else can give them new life. 
              Facilitated by Linn Kalseth, Sunniva Nyhamar, Ranja Haugen, Sofia Waara, Silja Haugen and more

              The Intergalactic Art School 

                The Intergalactic school is coming to the Karlsøy Festival this year!
                It offers the participants to participate and gain knowledge and co-create art creations! 
                There will be courses and workshops in different materials and techniques, local and natural as well as unusual, but also extraterrestrial and underground and artificial artistic arctic with e.g. acrylic colors & graff. In addition, Intergalactic Art School collaborates with the Karlsøyfestival's vintage hippie clothing workshop, the radical print workshop, the Karlsøyfestival community garden and everyone else who wants and can be with us. Join our active-reasearch research team where we all develop and learn together.
                Facilitated by Sofia Waara

                Permaculture, self-sufficiency and Karlsøy regenerative  

                  This year, the plan is to continue with the community garden on the festival grounds, which is expanded each year.

                  Linn Kalseth will teach us how to make growing beds in true permaculture fashion. Together we will build various imaginative grow boxes from natural materials. Then we will go out on the island and collect ingredients, as well as put in food waste from the festival. For next year, this will be good food for herbs and salad for the festival kitchen.

                  Linn Kalseth will also have a photo lecture about their farm at Skifte in Gratangen, Skifteveien Permakultur. In the course of 3 years, on nature's terms and without owning a tractor, they have managed to become self-sufficient in organic vegetables, eggs, fish and firewood.

                  They want to inspire people to grow and harvest their own food, promote permaculture and regenerative agriculture!

                  Candelaria Del Azar comes from Morocco with her knowledge and drive for a green festival, to make a compost of our food waste. Join in, and you can both contribute to Karlsøya's own compost and permaculture garden and take many good tips home with you! 

                  Goat hell workshops

                    We set the agenda with a longitudinal free workshop in creating a festival zine. In line with the traditions from "Geitehälvete" and the unique media history on Karlsøya, everyone is invited to help create a free and rebellious press during the festival.

                    Facilitator: Eiv Rindal

                    People are welcome to prepare contributions in advance.

                    Peace – Freedom – Love

                    Beyond the binary, a queer walk in our categories

                      For this year's festival, the workshop is presented with the philosophical title "beyond the binary, a queer walk in our categories". The format is the free workshop where the participants, through discussion, dialogue, walking and interactions with nature, themselves and others, can question how we ourselves understand the world in binary systems and what limitations it leads to. Content and angle are created in meetings with the participants.
                      The workshop is facilitated by Eiv Rindal, who is an activist in Trondheim on a daily basis.