Photo: Contradictions

Peace and Utopia

    Photo: Contradictions In this year's main seminar, we first meet peace activists from Palestine, Kurdish Iraq and Russia, before discussing practical, concrete utopian proposals, and citizens' wages and food as utopian practices. Culture as resistance against occupation The… Read more »Peace and Utopia

    Borger Salaries

      BIEN Norge was founded in October 2012. This as a nationwide party-politically neutral organization to inform the population in Norway about basic income, as well as get basic income on the political agenda and promote basic income in Norway. The organization… Read more »Borger Salaries

      Ministry of Peace. Illustration: Astrid Fadnes.

      Ministry of Peace

        _The Ministry of Peace has been created as a reaction to the fact that it does not exist
        more and stronger basic structures in the Norwegian state that support
        and makes room for voices for peace and non-violent conflict management i
        encounter with chaos, unrest and war. Like a handful of other countries in
        world, Norway should also have its own ministry for peace. Awaiting
        of this, the band puts forward some proposals for matters that the ministry could deal with, in the form of music and slam poetry."_

        The Freedom Theater attacked

          The Freedom Theater is a theater that works in a refugee camp in Jenin on the occupied West Bank in Palestine. They are now affected by the brutal attack on Jenin and the refugee camp there. And the Karlsøy Festival wishes to express our solidarity with the population of Jenin in general and The Freedom Theater in particular.