Gypsy Chicken

Gypsy Chicken

    The band consists of two women, Solvei Stenslie and Asia Kreft. They use ukulele, rhythms and singing to create music with a rotating band of musicians around them. The duo is concerned with text, and writes with an eye on contemporary problems such as mental health, climate, queer love and feminism. 

    Ministry of Peace. Illustration: Astrid Fadnes.

    Ministry of Peace

      _The Ministry of Peace has been created as a reaction to the fact that it does not exist
      more and stronger basic structures in the Norwegian state that support
      and makes room for voices for peace and non-violent conflict management i
      encounter with chaos, unrest and war. Like a handful of other countries in
      world, Norway should also have its own ministry for peace. Awaiting
      of this, the band puts forward some proposals for matters that the ministry could deal with, in the form of music and slam poetry."_



        RÅK is known for their popular songs such as "Huldra" and "Heile lievt for dæ", and there is no doubt that their unique interpretation of "Råkevisa" will be a highlight this year as well.

        Karlsøy Prestegaard

          KPG is without a doubt the country's longest-living and still ongoing band project, and will also in the future continue to travel around to spread its text-musical messages to the people. The music is inspired by the only thing that was on the planet before the oceans, soil, trees, birds, animals and man came - "ROCK". They also draw inspiration from the oldest mountains that arose, which are located in Finnmark and in the area around Karlsøya. As the band themselves say, "The biggest thing in life is love".

          Ben's Blues Band

          BEN'S BLUES BAND!

            We have a special love for music and enjoy the freedom of improvisation. Get ready! We welcome all the wonderful people out there. We really hope to see you there. We can hardly wait! NOK

            Club Ørnebror

            Club Ørnebror at the Karlsøy Festival

              DJ Ørnebror, also known as Øyvind Brungot Dahl, plays music from all over the world while living and organic lights and pictures on the walls dance to the music. Ørnebror originally used to perform at the infamous Taxi Take Away pub in Oslo, but when the pub was closed, DJ Ørnebror started traveling around and playing in various underground places and hideouts in the capital.

              POLAR DEGO

              Polardegos is back on Karlsøy!

                The samplepunk gang consisting of members from bands such as Tungtvann, Biru Baby, böyen beng and Darkside of the Force is coming back to Karlsøy! They did their very first concert with us, then in a reduced pandemic setting.

                SpitzBergen Residents

                SpitzBergen Residents

                  SpitzBergen Rezidents is a band that has grown out of the initiative "Music in prison and freedom", where the participants have previously served time in prison and received music training both during and after serving time.



                    So be prepared to be impressed by Ødemark - a band that brings together different musical impulses and creates a unique, hard-hitting and atmospheric garage rock experience. They are ready to take Karlsøyfestivalen 2023 and give the audience a memorable musical experience.

                    "No techno no poetry"

                    "No techno no poetry" (RU)

                      "No techno no poetry" is a musical collaboration that was forced to cease operations in Russia after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. To express their opposition to war, they published a manifesto and made a collective distancing movement. The group members now live in Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig. And for the first time in a year and a half, they will share the stage with each other again at the Karlsøy Festival.