One Family

    ONE Family was officially founded in 2004 and they have traditionally opened the Karlsøy Festival since 2005. This year is no exception.

    At the time, they were young people on Karlsøya who gathered to play and jam with guitars, drums, tuba, trumpets and mandolins. Tor-Gunnar "El-Torgo Trombonix" Samuelsen opened his home Villavillakulla for long jam sessions day and night and that's where the name ONE Family came into play. The name comes from the idea that everyone is related and linked together in a whimsical way since the dawn of time, where rhythm and tone bind us together. All people speak the same language through music. On a St. Hans evening, they held their first concert in Karlsøy Church for an audience on a church weekend. Since then they have opened every Karlsøy festival, they have played the drums for the travelers who came by ferry and brought the instruments to Sandvika and played alongside Dub and acoustic.

    Today they are adults and the band has become what characterizes the Karlsøy Festival and makes it special: Completely in line with our participant philosophy. Much is done together there and then, by bringing together unknown and known resources and ideas in a community. It becomes magic. They usually get together a bunch of days before the festival and bring along festival musicians to make music that is brand new straight from the rehearsal room to the stage


      DØMT is the sound and smell of Oslo – traffic noise and asphalt, sirens and concrete. Rats that feast on the residents' kebab leftovers at weekends, stray cats that have taken up residence in the refuse of the night-dark streets. DØMT is led by the snarling vocals of frontman and songwriter Marit Brovig, well backed up by the doomsday chorus of bassist Johanna Nes. Throw in the furious riffs of Frank Will-Jam Kildal and the thunderous drums of Sven O. Skulbørstad, and together they form a band that is extremely easy to distinguish from the crowd in Norwegian punk.

      Per Nic

        Peer Nic released his debut album in 2019, “Highlands/Lowlands”. Here he brought with him a star team of musicians and artists such as Signe Marie Rustad, Frank Hammersland, Olaf Olsen and the Macedonian Radio and Symphony Orchestra. But it was Peer's virtuoso guitar playing and heart-wrenching songs that primarily sent the critics backwards.


          It is with big smiles that we welcome Alwanzatar back to the island, and hope he can once again summon unknown spirits from the other side all the way to Karlsøy in Troms. Alwanzatar is Krizla (Twilight, the Chronicles of Father Robin) who plays acid, breaks and acid breaks on synthesizers from the last hundred years, with transverse flute through tape echo and phaser. 

          Back hand


            All the way from the king's city to Karlsøy in Troms come the indie rockers Baghånd. With catchy guitar melodies, sharp lyrics and energetic instrumentation, the Danes deliver an intense concert experience that encourages free expression. 

            MÍO Photo: Emil Vestre


              MÍO has established itself as one of the underground's most unforgettable live bands. With an explosive show and a raw front vocalist, who enchants the audience with his powerful voice, the folk rock group has impressed on stages all over the country, including festivals such as Midgardsblot and Telemarkfestivalen.

              Gypsy Chicken

              Gypsy Chicken

                The band consists of two women, Solvei Stenslie and Asia Kreft. They use ukulele, rhythms and singing to create music with a rotating band of musicians around them. The duo is concerned with text, and writes with an eye on contemporary problems such as mental health, climate, queer love and feminism. 

                Ministry of Peace. Illustration: Astrid Fadnes.

                Ministry of Peace

                  _The Ministry of Peace has been created as a reaction to the fact that it does not exist
                  more and stronger basic structures in the Norwegian state that support
                  and makes room for voices for peace and non-violent conflict management i
                  encounter with chaos, unrest and war. Like a handful of other countries in
                  world, Norway should also have its own ministry for peace. Awaiting
                  of this, the band puts forward some proposals for matters that the ministry could deal with, in the form of music and slam poetry."_



                    RÅK is known for their popular songs such as "Huldra" and "Heile lievt for dæ", and there is no doubt that their unique interpretation of "Råkevisa" will be a highlight this year as well.

                    Karlsøy Prestegaard

                      KPG is without a doubt the country's longest-living and still ongoing band project, and will also in the future continue to travel around to spread its text-musical messages to the people. The music is inspired by the only thing that was on the planet before the oceans, soil, trees, birds, animals and man came - "ROCK". They also draw inspiration from the oldest mountains that arose, which are located in Finnmark and in the area around Karlsøya. As the band themselves say, "The biggest thing in life is love".