Fredstralla, Karina Sletten and Skråvvågutan

    Fredstralla is an interdisciplinary art project created in collaboration between musician and slam poet Ingvild Austgulen and glass artist Linn Kalseth. The idea sprung from the frustration over an unvarnished war debate, where armament and rearmament are presented as the only means to peace and justice.

    Creative Resistance

    "Creative Counterforce"

      Join us for a wild workshop together with Biniam & Loan where we play with releasing creativity, spontaneity and expression through body rhythms, theater play and free movement.

      Urokråka theater company

      Urokråka Theater Company

        Urokråka Teaterkompani is a left-wing radical theater company that wants to create unrest! A low-threshold offer. In the company. At the festival, Urokråka Teaterkompani contributes a performance / ritual around personal and political grief(-processes). This is in… Read more »Urokråka Theater Company

        "No techno no poetry"

        "No techno no poetry" (RU)

          "No techno no poetry" is a musical collaboration that was forced to cease operations in Russia after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. To express their opposition to war, they published a manifesto and made a collective distancing movement. The group members now live in Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig. And for the first time in a year and a half, they will share the stage with each other again at the Karlsøy Festival.