Photo: Contradictions

Peace and Utopia

    Photo: Contradictions In this year's main seminar, we first meet peace activists from Palestine, Kurdish Iraq and Russia, before discussing practical, concrete utopian proposals, and citizens' wages and food as utopian practices. Culture as resistance against occupation The… Read more »Peace and Utopia

    Borger Salaries

      BIEN Norge was founded in October 2012. This as a nationwide party-politically neutral organization to inform the population in Norway about basic income, as well as get basic income on the political agenda and promote basic income in Norway. The organization… Read more »Borger Salaries


      The program is ready!

        We have now published the complete program for the entire festival with times and locations on the island. Updated program is always available on the website. In addition, it will be printed in the paper program and hung up on the Festival Square, the quay and the shop during the festival. Karlsøyfestivalen reserves the right to make changes.

        Karlsøy Festival 2023 - Peace and utopia. Illustration: Maria Strøm Astrup

        Welcome to the Karlsøy Festival 2023

          This year's festival theme is PEACE and UTOPI, and we encourage everyone – audience, volunteers, organisers, artists and musicians – to contribute equally and be an active part of the festival experience.


          Fredstralla, Karina Sletten and Skråvvågutan

            Fredstralla is an interdisciplinary art project created in collaboration between musician and slam poet Ingvild Austgulen and glass artist Linn Kalseth. The idea sprung from the frustration over an unvarnished war debate, where armament and rearmament are presented as the only means to peace and justice.

            Gypsy Chicken

            Gypsy Chicken

              The band consists of two women, Solvei Stenslie and Asia Kreft. They use ukulele, rhythms and singing to create music with a rotating band of musicians around them. The duo is concerned with text, and writes with an eye on contemporary problems such as mental health, climate, queer love and feminism. 

              The Freedom Theater attacked

                The Freedom Theater is a theater that works in a refugee camp in Jenin on the occupied West Bank in Palestine. They are now affected by the brutal attack on Jenin and the refugee camp there. And the Karlsøy Festival wishes to express our solidarity with the population of Jenin in general and The Freedom Theater in particular.