At the Karlsøy Festival, it should be as nice to work as to dance, as it is called in the song. We organize ourselves in groups to share the work with the festival, but the goal of the groups is to organize activities for the participants. The activities range from music and art experiences via hot political topics to children's activities, food and nature experiences.

Child power

Lots of activities for kids and families

The Karlsøy Festival is a festival for the whole family. The children's group plans activities throughout the year, so here you just have to hang out. Every year, the children's group has a main project that often ends up in a performance by and with the children.

Unger Photo: Succa

Do it yourself!

If someone wants to contribute and participate with something that is outside our "plan", it can be called "Do it yourself". assess how the project is in line with the manifesto. And how much resources the project requires. Then you present the project proposal to the program group.