At the Karlsøy Festival, it should be as nice to work as to dance, as it is called in the song. We organize ourselves in groups to share the work with the festival, but the goal of the groups is to organize activities for the participants. The activities range from music and art experiences via hot political topics to children's activities, food and nature experiences.

Child power

Lots of activities for kids and families

The Karlsøy Festival is a festival for the whole family. The children's group plans activities throughout the year, so here you just have to hang out. Every year, the children's group has a main project that often ends up in a performance by and with the children.

Unger Photo: Succa

Do it yourself!

If someone wants to contribute and participate with something that is outside our "plan", it can be called "Do it yourself". assess how the project is in line with the manifesto. And how much resources the project requires. Then you present the project proposal to the program group.

Children's Activities with Jessica Kiil (2022)

Child and youth power continues this year! 

On Monday and Tuesday, all children, young people and adults who sign up for the children's and young people's group will be able to write down what they want to do at the festival. On Tuesday evening, we will create a great program together, so that the ideas and wishes we have written down can become reality! By creating the program in this way, children and young people are also involved in the unique experience of creating the festival together. 

Co-creative and social art and culture

Much of the program at the Karlsøy Festival has a common thread in that they are co-creative and social art and cultural projects.

Gathering through co-creative and social art and culture is important because our planet is in crisis in several ways.

Scientists warn that if we continue on the way we are doing now, we are rapidly approaching the tipping point for major climate change of the catastrophic kind.

The far right is growing in Europe, the walls are being built higher and polarization between people is getting stronger around the world.

And as we all know, brutal genocide, colonialism and abuse of power happen.

The changes that must take place to reduce the great climate catastrophe are the same ones we need to create a world of peace, solidarity, inclusion and love. Read more here about how we can help create this with the help of art and culture

Beyond the binary, a queer walk in our categories

For this year's festival, the workshop is presented with the philosophical title "beyond the binary, a queer walk in our categories". The format is the free workshop where the participants, through discussion, dialogue, walking and interactions with nature, themselves and others, can question how we ourselves understand the world in binary systems and what limitations it leads to. Content and angle are created in meetings with the participants.
The workshop is facilitated by Eiv Rindal, who is an activist in Trondheim on a daily basis.

Goat hell workshops

We set the agenda with a longitudinal free workshop in creating a festival zine. In line with the traditions from "Geitehälvete" and the unique media history on Karlsøya, everyone is invited to help create a free and rebellious press during the festival.

Facilitator: Eiv Rindal

People are welcome to prepare contributions in advance.

Peace – Freedom – Love

Permaculture, self-sufficiency and Karlsøy regenerative  

This year the plan is to start a community garden on the festival grounds, or "Karlsøy regenerative". In other words, a community garden that will hopefully be expanded every year.

Linn Kalseth will teach us how to make growing beds in true permaculture fashion.

Permaculture is about farming in harmony with nature and using the resources we have available to create good soil and grow clean food.

Together we will build various imaginative grow boxes from natural materials. Next, we will go out on the island and collect ingredients that we will compose into a fantastic soil factory. Here we will also put in food waste from the festival, which next year will be good food for herbs and salad for the festival kitchen.

This is how you can contribute to Karlsøya's own compost and permaculture garden and take many good tips home with you! 

Linn Kalseth will also have a photo-lecture about their farm at Skifte in Gratangen, Skifteveien Permakultur, and tell about how, within 3 years, on nature's terms and without owning a tractor, they have managed to become self-sufficient in organic vegetables, eggs, fish and firewood.

They want to inspire people to grow and gather food themselves, and show that it is not that difficult. And they want to promote permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and show with pictures how they have done it and how it works.

Candelaria Del Azar comes from Morocco and has been at the festival for many years. She is also coming this year with her knowledge and drive for a green festival, to make a compost for the festival so that we can use the wonderful resource food waste is.