At the Karlsøy Festival, it should be as nice to work as to dance, as it is called in the song. We organize ourselves in groups to share the work with the festival, but the goal of the groups is to organize activities for the participants. The activities range from music and art experiences via hot political topics to children's activities, food and nature experiences.

View from Vetten

Trips on the island

Karlsøya is a green natural gem located in the middle of an archipelago of high mountains with snow on the peaks. The nature here is extremely lush and the species diversity is enormous. We recommend visiting the island's two peaks Veten (203 masl) and Varden (156 masl). Karlsøya is also a well-known botanical locality in northern Norway. Trips are arranged with locals who are willing to share knowledge about orchids, violets and local stories.


Seminars and debates

As always, we have political elements almost every day that culminate in the main seminar on Saturday. This year's main theme is Peace, but we will also focus on issues around indigenous peoples, nature and feminism.

Anti social Rejects - Photo: Rayner Johansen

Concerts inside and out

We plan concerts and other performative art inside the Zapatista Bar, on the Lillescenen, Storscenen and other places on the island. If you play yourself, you can contact the program group, if you want to help with the concerts, you can join the program or technical group.

Quiz and Bingo!

It is rumored about Quiz with Bingo-Brynjar and Bingo with Quiz-king at the pub early in the week so it is a good idea to punch a hole in the piggy bank before you go to the festival.

Art Walk and gallery opening

True to tradition, there will be an exhibition and a grand gallery opening at Galleri Galsa on Thursday night. A new tradition that has emerged in recent years is an Art Walk across the island where we look at land art and installations people have built before and during the festival. We also drink white wine and enjoy ourselves in Sandvika afterwards.

Eating very good local food

The kitchen group collects herbs, lettuce, seaweed and other plants locally and makes delicious dishes with wild sheep, clipfish, whales and new of the year, cod tongue !. The Karlsøy Festival is not just a political music and art festival. It's a food festival too! In addition to the meals we eat together, it is possible to buy a wild sauerkraut, bacalao or a portion of lentil soup in the evenings.


As usual, we show current documentaries in the evening. On Tuesday 2 August, we will show the film about Karlsøya: Between Goats, Rock and Muhammad by Svein Andersen.

If you have access to films that may be relevant, feel free to contact the program group.

Child power

Lots of activities for kids and families

The Karlsøy Festival is a festival for the whole family. The children's group plans activities throughout the year, so here you just have to hang out. Every year, the children's group has a main project that often ends up in a performance by and with the children.

Unger Photo: Succa

Do it yourself!

If someone wants to contribute and participate with something that is outside our "plan", it can be called "Do it yourself". assess how the project is in line with the manifesto. And how much resources the project requires. Then you present the project proposal to the program group.

Bonfire, swimming and socializing

The Karlsøy Festival is first and foremost a meeting place for people so do not forget to enjoy yourself and talk to people around the fire and in Storlavvoen. It is also nice to take a walk over to the sandy beach in Sandvika and have a refreshing bath during the week.


Workshops and courses

Workshops are planned where we broadcast an hour live online every day, festival newspaper and of course yoga every day. If you want to contribute something you can then join or contact the program group.