Invitation to contribute a program at Karlsøyfestivalen 2024 

    The Karlsøy Festival is a small festival on Karlsøya in Troms. Karlsøya is approximately 65 kilometers plus half an hour by ferry from Tromsø, which is the nearest city and public transport hub. There has been a festival on Karlsøya since 2000. The festival focuses on music, art, children's activities, politics, local food and nature experiences.

    The Karlsøy Festival is the first week in August, costs 600 in a participant pass for everyone and then you get breakfast and dinner every day from Monday to Saturday, as well as a rest party on Sunday. 

    The Karlsøy Festival is different from most other festivals in that it is a participatory and co-creative festival. This means that everyone who takes part in the festival contributes in their own way. At the Karlsøy Festival, no one is just the audience or volunteers. Everyone is a participant, and creates the festival together.

    The same applies to the program. Some artists, artists, ushers and others are booked by the festival in the traditional way. But the vast majority of the program comes from people who express an interest in contributing. And in this way we create the festival together. 

    So if you, preferably together with others, have something you are passionate about, whether you play music, want to have a workshop, bring people and gather edible plants, develop a menu, hold a lecture, create an exhibition, create natural art or something else you would like to share with the festival, we hope you will respond to this invitation.

    Accommodation for artists, bands and artists who sign up is limited. We will still try to provide simple accommodation for those who need it, either in someone's home, in a caravan, barracks or bus. We hope to have a wide range of content at the festival from the professional to that which is based only on a desire to share something creative. Funds can also be applied for to cover expenses, fees or travel.

    Invited artists, bands and artists are encouraged to also apply elsewhere for fees and cover costs from other schemes. Karlsøyfestivalen can, on request, provide an invitation/letter of intent that can be used for this purpose.

    We emphasize that this is a festival we create together. This means that if your contribution is accepted, we want you to join and contribute to the rest of the festival together with the other participants.

    Everyone who gets their application accepted must therefore register as a participant and pay the participation fee in the usual way.

    When you sign up, you must also choose a group. When you have to perform or come up with other program features, you like to know what you need yourself for the contribution to be successful. Then you also have a good starting point for arranging other people's program features. It may therefore be natural to sign up for program planning and technical group. But it is also possible to sign up for, for example, kitchen and serving or a practical group if you prefer.

    If you have any questions, you can send an email to 

    To apply to participate with program contribution, fill in this form.

    Applications are assessed on a rolling basis with a deadline of 30 March.