Fredstralla, Karina Sletten and Skråvvågutan


    Fredstralla is an interdisciplinary art project created in collaboration between musician and slam poet Ingvild Austgulen and glass artist Linn Kalseth. The idea sprung from the frustration over an unvarnished war debate, where armament and rearmament are presented as the only means to peace and justice.

    We believe that many people want a more constructive form of problem solving and a much more nuanced and open public conversation, where the peace movement also gets a worthy place and voice. We believe that art and culture have their own influence and ability to open new perspectives.

    With a traveling mini-stage for music, poetry, speeches and conversations about peace, a mini art gallery and equipment for co-creative workshops, Fredstralla will be a mobile, open arena, where different forms of peace art can be expressed in the public space.

    At the Karlsøy Festival we present, among other things, the exhibition "Trials of inner peace" by Linn Kalseth, a peace concert with Ingvild Austgulen, a deep philosophical panel discussion about peace and a workshop where everyone is invited to make prayer flags for peace, which will decorate the festival grounds.

    Karlsøyfestivalen 2023 focuses on co-creative, involving and participatory art. What is often referred to in English as community art. This means an artistic process that contributes to creating community and is open to the participants of the festival, regardless of previous artistic experience. 

    Read more about co-creative art at the Karlsøy Festival

    Karina Sletten (b.1993) is an artist living in Bergen. The project she will carry out at the Karlsøy Festival is based on creating a construction that can be both a storage point and a space for sound engineering and installations. Through conversations with the local population and the landscape, a construction will be built that can be versatile. The goal is that it can be reconstructed and taken apart so that the entire structure can be used for various purposes and easily taken apart if the future population wants to dismantle it.

    Karina Sletten

    Skråvvågutan consists of three traditional craftsmen who want to be artists, and one artist who wants to be a traditional craftsman. Together, we want to build an artistic utility installation based on reuse and traditional building techniques.