RÅK, Tromsø's most charming and informal dance/folk band, are once again ready to entertain the public on Karlsøya! With Jenny Dalvik at the helm, RÅK has been delighting festival participants for many years with their engaging and heartwarming performances.

    This pleasant band, based in Tromsø city, consists of a trio of talented musicians. The band consists of the two beautiful girls; Jenny Dalvik & Elin Bockelie, and the gruff and venerable Åsgeir Johansen. 

    RÅK is known for their popular songs such as "Huldra" and "Heile lievt for dæ", and there is no doubt that their unique interpretation of "Råkevisa" will be a highlight this year as well.

    We are very much looking forward to experiencing RÅK on stage again. Their music, performed with genuine passion and energy, is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience during the festival.