Karlsøy Prestegaard

    Karlsøy Prestegaard is an iconic rock band that originated in the Art and Rock Collective Karlsøy Prestegård in 1980. The band originated on Karlsøya and is driven by the songs of the skald Stein J. Ellysef Olsen.

    They have toured in the Soviet Union/Russia, Finland, Denmark/Christiania and have played on countless stages domestically, including some of the country's biggest festivals. In recent years, the band has released several singles with new music and we are looking forward to hearing both new and old material live from Storscena at the Karlsøy Festival!

    KPG is perhaps the country's longest-lived and still ongoing band project, and will also in the future continue to travel around to spread its text-musical messages to the people. The music is inspired by the only thing that was on the planet before the oceans, soil, trees, birds, animals and people came - namely ROCK. They also draw inspiration from the oldest mountains that arose, which they say are located in Finnmark and in the area around Karlsøya.

    KPG at the Karlsøy Festival
    KPG at the Karlsøy Festival during the Alfred Eriksen anniversary