Club Ørnebror at the Karlsøy Festival

    Club Ørnebror

    DJ Ørnebror, also known as Øyvind Brungot Dahl, plays music from all over the world while living and organic lights and pictures on the walls dance to the music. Ørnebror originally used to perform at the infamous Taxi Take Away pub in Oslo, but when the pub was closed, DJ Ørnebror started traveling around and playing in various underground places and hideouts in the capital.

    After this annoying virus ravaged cultural life, Ørnebror thought and worked to create a psychedelic, eclectic, organic and fantastic light show that dances to the music. So here you just put on your dancing shoes and tie up your loose hair because this is going to be a sweaty night under the midnight sun.

    That's not all. On the occasion of the Karlsøy Festival, Klubb Ørnebror will also organize a Djembe duel later in the evening. Then you have to play in time with Ørnebror's magical music. Welcome to the Club!