Polardegos is back on Karlsøy!


    The samplepunk gang consisting of members from bands such as Tungtvann, Biru Baby, böyen beng and Darkside of the Force is coming back to Karlsøy! They did their very first concert with us, then in a reduced pandemic setting. 

    Since then, they have expanded their line-up, toured the country and released the album "Fortiden i våre händer", the EP "Lockdown" and songs with Brutal Kuk and The Cut. Jørgen Nordeng has been to Karlsøy more times than to the dentist, and also recorded parts of the Joddski farewell "Life Is Too Short" in the church here. 

    Together with the other frontman Hánná Rein, he promises an energetic show. Polardegos doesn't play punk on instruments (only a little from time to time), but is based on samples from old Norwegian punk musicians, and compensates with scratching, dubbing and a proper boy band choir!

    In connection with the Karlsøy Festival, they release the release "I love my GP", which in addition to the title track contains "Æ trur nik på gud æ trur på Youtube" and "Omvendt antiracisme". It is Polardegos' hardest release to date, and marks the first time that Henrik Seip, who always smashes computers on stage, has the lead vocals. This on the title track, which is based on a true story about psychiatry and wrong medication. 

    POLARDEGO'S hand in hand

    Photos by Nora Nystuen