Ødemark is a hard hitting and atmospheric garage rock band from Tromsø. The band's music is strongly influenced by various genres such as post-punk, stoner/doom, indie rock and jazz. They stand out by combining abstract guitar textures with catchy bass riffs and energetic, flowing rhythms.

    The members in Ødemark have previously been involved in several musical projects, including bands such as Jam Bank DK, Zezzoze and Reptile Master. Their experience and musical background have helped shape the band's unique sound image and strengthened their musical abilities.

    Ødemark is known for delivering energetic and memorable performances on stage. Their charismatic presence and strong musicality capture the attention of the audience and they create an engaging atmosphere that makes people move and get carried away.

    So be prepared to be impressed by Ødemark - a band that brings together different musical impulses and creates a unique, hard-hitting and atmospheric garage rock experience. They are ready to take Karlsøyfestivalen 2023 and give the audience a memorable musical experience.