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    The Karlsøy Festival is now entering its 24th year, and through all these years we have learned that the festival works best as a charity where everyone contributes their time and energy to create something bigger together.

    We want to blur the boundaries between artists, organizers, audience and volunteers, so that everyone becomes a participant. Everyone pays the same price (NOK 600) and helps each other create the Karlsøy Festival.

    The aim of this organization is, among other things, to move away from the idea that a festival is a product you can buy with money you have already spent time earning. Time is a valuable resource, and we believe it is more sustainable that festival participants contribute their time instead of paying with money.

    This approach creates a sense of belonging, freedom, mastery, responsibility, community, joy in creating, and not least the opportunity to get to know new and exciting people.

    The participant pass costs NOK 600 for adults, and it includes a simple breakfast and shared dinner during the festival week. In addition, a participant's party is organized on the Saturday before the festival, as well as a rest party on the Sunday.

    You can register and buy the participant pass on the festival's website. The NOK 600 goes mainly to shared food and equipment.

    You can buy the participant pass here:

    Welcome to the Karlsøy Festival 2023!