Dan Fägerquist

    Karlsøyfestivalen is extremely excited to be able to present the Swedish deputy artist Dan Fägerquist on our festival program this year. After a seven-year hiatus from the touring life, Fägerquist is back on stage again with his own music, but with a tone reminiscent of the really greats.

    Dan Fägerquist is a Swedish performing artist who has a passion for singing and conveying stories through music. With a voice that channels emotion and a heart that beats for social justice, Fägerquist takes the audience on a musical journey that is both heartfelt and engaging. He is particularly known for his interpretations of Vladimir Vysotsky's songs in Swedish, but has also written his own songs that are just as powerful and poignant. With a long career behind him and an ever-growing audience, Dan Fägerquist is an artist you don't want to miss at the festival.

    "Fägerquist magical from first to last chord." Shanson (RU)

    "Raw, naked, vulnerable, sucking and strong. And fun.” Sundsvall's Newspaper (SE)

    "In the middle of life. Desperate, anxious and sad, but above all as a great declaration of love for the real and tormented life, for the dirty and naked truth, for weakness and shortcomings. « Hufvudstadsbladet (FIN)