Open invitation to contribute program content

    Gypsy Chicken

    Karlsøyfestivalen wants to invite the participants to contribute with program elements. So if you/you have something you are passionate about, a workshop, slam poetry, lectures, music, place-based natural art or something else you would like to share, you can respond to this open invitation.

    We would then like you to fill in the form below in which you describe:

    What you/you want to contribute

    A brief description of what you want to present. Preferably with links to relevant material.

    Need for technical provision/infrastructure

    Describe what you need to implement your proposal. If you want to present something or show a film, you may need a projector, screen and sound system, if you want to perform with amplified music, do you perhaps have a technical rider, should it be indoors or outdoors? How many participants are there? Is there a need for preparations, rigging or clean-up.

    Financial needs

    This invitation is part of the festival's program work. The festival has a program budget which we want to use to create the best possible programme. Some may contribute to the program as part of their general participation in the program. For others, travel support may be necessary in order to contribute. While others may be professionals and dependent on an income to be able to participate. We therefore want you to describe in your application the financial need for participation with program content to be realised. 

    Other personal needs or wishes

    Throughout the festival, breakfast and dinner are shared meals. In addition, there may be simple food sales in the evening and between meals, depending on capacity in the kitchen group. Apart from this, participants are expected to take responsibility for their own meals.

    There are no hotels on Karlsøya. This means that all accommodation is either camping or accommodation in private homes. In addition, the festival has access to some caravans. It may also be possible to sleep in large communal lavvos on or near the festival area or to camp near private homes so that you can have access to indoor toilets and living spaces. Most sleep in tents and there is free camping in the outback.  

    In summary, it is planned that most participants will be relatively self-driven when it comes to their stay. If you have special needs or wishes, it is good if you bring this along.

    Applications must be sent no later than 30 March to be included in the assessment.

    The application form is now closed.