2 for 1 – Buy a pass, give one as a Christmas present!

    Thank you from a thousand million hearts for a unique and radical experience at the Karlsøy Festival this summer. There have not been so many smiles and happy people on Karlsøya since the mid-70s.

    One of the things that worked best was that everyone who took part was involved in the scheme, took responsibility and organized things themselves. We have worked further with the concept and are expanding the community to a new digital platform (Loomio) where we can discuss and decide questions regarding the festival together. Stay tuned online because now we're taking another couple of seven-mile steps towards the festival's Nirvana. 

    Today (Friday 16.12 – 12.00) participant registration opens for the Karlsøy Festival 2023. Considering that there are tight times for many in the run-up to Christmas, we are thundering with a 2 for 1 offer, which applies from today up to and including 24.12. You will then receive an extra ticket by email. which you can give away to someone you love without it costing you anything extra. 

    Not only that. The Karlsøy Festival also has a gift for all participants from last year. It comes with the digital Santa for Christmas.

    Here you can choose a group and buy a participant pass