Everyone is a participant !? What does that mean?

    In 2007, the Karlsøy Festival was on top with over 2000 festival passes sold. Many people may recall the memories from these legendary festivals when they think of Karlsøy in Troms. 

    In the last 15 years, the organizers have become a little older and the crowd in front of Storscena has become somewhat thinner. At the same time, the festival has slowly but surely developed towards something new, towards a kind of hit, a gathering or a large splice team. The last two years have been a good opportunity to cultivate and refine this "new" that has been lying in the corners. 

    The Edgar Broughton Band (2008)

    There are always a lot of people coming before the festival. In recent years, we have been a good group of over 100 volunteers who are connected and build up the festival towards the weekend. At the same time, there are fewer and fewer who come just to buy a ticket, drink beer and see bands on Storscena. We interpret this development as meaning that people want to take part in something more than a traditional rock festival. 

    Everyone wants to be at the festival.
    Someone has to make the festival.
    We turn it around.
    Everyone makes the festival!

    We live in a country that has long traditions of cooperation and hard work to achieve common goals in, for example, sports, society and culture. This cooperation between people is not based on money and has been the foundation for good local environments in cities and villages from north to south.

    Money as a means of payment can create distance between people and give a sense of control by not having to be dependent on others. By everyone working together to realize the festival, we hope to give people the opportunity to contribute a little instead of buying an experience. We want to tone down the purchase and sale of "products" so that everyone gets the same prerequisite, effort and gain in the large splice layer. This cultural splice team is the Karlsøy Festival.

    Participant on bass

    The participating groups covers exactly what we need to make a Karlsøy festival. We have counted on it a bit and if half of those who come contribute a few hours each, then we are there. The goal is to experience the amazing program, which program group (where you can participate) sets during the year. As usual, there will be lots activities for big and small throughout the week. We believe this focus can take the Karlsøy Festival to new heights. 

    We also want to minimize the distance between artist, organizer, volunteer and audience. The goal of this is to tone down the pay-to-be-entertained model and rather facilitate that you work together to create unique experiences. We believe this open model of communication will bring people together and create experiences you could never buy for money. 

    10 good reasons to come to this year's festival

    1. Trips in fantastic northern Norwegian nature
    2. Wild sheep, fish and other goodies on the menu
    3. A good opportunity to get to know like-minded people
    4. Exciting land art installations in nature
    5. Good music from Manna and Anti Social Rejects, among others
    6. Seminars and workshops on peace work, feminism and much more
    7. Artwalk, exhibitions and much other art
    8. Bonfire, low life and lowered shoulders
    9. Family-friendly atmosphere and children's program
    10. A unique festival experience based on community and collaboration
    Gamme workshop

    What is absolutely certain is that we want to continue to invite to the Karlsøy Festival for many years to come and the goal this year is (as every year) to create the best Karlsøy Festival ever! To create this unique collective experience, a good deal of hard work is needed for everyone to have a good week on Karlsøya.

    Photo: Anka Nordenborg and Øyvind Brungot Dahl