Sumé – The sound of a revolution

    Film screening on Saturday at 17.30 at the festival house

    Sumé means "where" in Greenlandic. The band Sumé was a rock band from Greenland that created furore and engagement in the 70s. The music was psychedelic progressive rock with touches of folk rock. The texts dealt with Greenlandic identity, cultural awareness and were directly critical of Danish colonialism. The film is a historical portrait of the band and a beautiful period document from the 70s. There is a lot of music here and it has stood the test of time very well. The album Sumut (where are we going?) came in 1973 and quickly became an important part of the growing struggle for home rule. Eventually also secession from Denmark and full independence. The cover of Sumut shows an old reproduction of a woodcut from the early 1900th century. It shows an Inuit who has killed a Danish trader. It is understandable that it created both enthusiasm and outrage - respectively in Greenland and in Denmark.

    The film is presented at the Karlsøy Festival by the Norwegian co-producer of the film John Arvid Berger and it is open for Q&A after the screening. Check out the trailer, pictures and more info here