Inspiration for Vettestad art and eco collective

    A group connected to Karlsøya has bought Vettestad farm to create future opportunities on the island based on art and sustainable agriculture.

    We have therefore invited people who run farms that we are inspired by in order to learn from their experiences and perhaps inspire others.

    Thursday 15.30 – 16.30 tour and discussion about collective farming at Vettestad farm
    Thursday 1800 – 19.30 Collective culture and farming with contributions from Ingvild Austgulen – Mjelde Gård, Mads Pålsrud – Haugset Gård and Ruby Van Der Wekken – Oma Maa (Finland).

    Mjelde farm – Kvaløya

    Ingvild Austgulen is a musician, artist and slam poet who together with philosopher and musician Ove Haukenes runs and develops Mjelde Gård on Kvaløya. Here they build a music studio, grow vegetables and keep chickens, some horses and cows. The couple wants to have the area protected, so that it can become a nature reserve. The purpose is to look after nature in the best possible way, both from a local and a global perspective, and set an example for how property can be developed without being demolished.

    Haugneset Gård – The Fannefjord outside Molde

    Haugneset is a farm in the heart of the Fannefjord run by Bård Watn and Mads Pålsrud. They took over in 2020 and now run cooperative farming in their second year, and keep bees. Bård and Mads want the farm to be a social meeting point for everything they think is fun: food and gathering, crafts and needlework, art, architecture, yoga and helping to take care of nature.

    Ruby Van Der Wekken, Oma Maa, Helsinki – Finland

    Ruby Van Der Wekken is a producing member of the Oma Maa Food cooperative in Finland.

    Oma Maa is a food cooperative that runs community supported agriculture based on ecologically and socially sustainable food production. They produce a large variety of agricultural products together on the Lassila family farm in Tuusula, about 30 km from Helsinki.

    Ruby considers herself part of a global social justice movement associated with the World Social Forum. She has helped develop the Helsinki Timebank as well as, a small collective working to promote solidarity economy, commons and community.

    She will tell Ruby about what is called the social and solidarity economy, the understanding of currency and food as commons and how such an approach can create system changes both locally and at societal level.

    Ruby Van Der Wekken in production