Karlsøyfilmen has taken the leap into the 21st century


    True to tradition, we open the festival with the classic cult film Karlsøya - between goats, rock and Muhammad.  For over 20 years, we have sat and tried to decipher what is happening on the big screen in the festival pub. The film has simply been in such poor technical condition that it is difficult to see what is actually happening. 

    All spring, the festival's digital guru Øyvind has been whipping up 3 computers that run algorithms with artificial intelligence to fix, refurbish and upscale the Karlsøy film. You can witness the results at the Karlsøy Festival on Tuesday 2 August 22.00. 

    We've used artificial intelligence and a fair amount of stardust to upscale the film from a grainy VHS tape to a full HD adventure with great sound. For those extra interested, we have used the algorithms Proteus, Artemis, Cronos and Gaia to fix the film. 

    Big thanks to Svein Andersen who has let us run private screenings of the film for over 20 years. Also thanks to Bjørn Larsen for subtitling in English and Øyvind Brungot Dahl in Digital Aksjon for digital upgrading.