Food at the festival

    The Karlsøy Festival is not just a music, art or culture festival. It is, to the highest degree, also a food festival with its own food philosophy.

    The core of the philosophy is about good vegetarian food, local suppliers and the wonderful ingredients we have from the North Norwegian nature. We therefore serve fish burgers from Reinøy seafood, fish from Pettersen in Kvaløyvågen that is turned into rockfish at the farm Liland, rockfish balls from Halvors in Tromsø, sausages from Mydland, whale meat from Dragøy and seaweed and seaweed seasoning from Lyngen Seaweed. But what we are perhaps most proud of is the fantastic wild sheep meat from Liland.

    In addition, we use what we can gather from nature. We have collected truffle seaweed that we have in the homemade aioli and chives for dressings. Also, don't be surprised if you get nettle soup or find goat's milk and other wild-growing local plants in the salad.

    At the same time, it is important for the festival to have a good vegetarian menu. A sustainable present and future depends on us cutting back on meat and eating more vegetarian food. We therefore have both miso soup with seaweed, vegetarian toasts, (legendary) falafel, vegetarian burgers and since we have Manna visiting, we naturally serve chickpeas and rice.

    All this and more can be found on the festival menu.

    Bolinhos with fried sugar kelp and various from Karlsøya food sampling June 2022

    Those of you who come early in the week and join the kitchen group not only get to eat, but you get to help make, serve and sell all this good food. And it's not just about roasting meat and cutting vegetables, Kjøkkengruppa can also gather seaweed and wild plants, dive for sea urchins in Draugvika or give their very own twist to the dishes based on the ingredients we have. Maybe it's just you who knows how we make kimchi from scratch, or how to make the vegan ice cream extra good. And if anyone wants to, we can also pick up food that would otherwise have been thrown away from shops in Tromsø and make a hearty folk kitchen as a communal meal.

    All in all, the food at the Karlsøy Festival is about making sure that everyone gets good, locally based, sustainable and delicious food, so that we are happy and have a great festival. There is vegan, vegetarian, fish and local meat. And it's lovely whether you just eat the food or join the kitchen group and cook it.

    Did we mention we have Bacalao?