Ponti and Pagoda

    christiania house

    At this year's festival, we want to focus on art in all its forms. This spring, the festival went out with an Open Call to artists everywhere where we invited them to create land art on Karlsøya during the festival. Every day beyond this week, we present the incredible projects that various artists will realize over the next few days.

    Ponti and Pagode are an artist duo associated with the haven of Christiania in Denmark.

    In many ways, you can say that Christiania and Karlsøya have a parallel history that both spring from the same zeitgeist in the late 60s and early 70s.

    Their participation in the Karlsøy Festival has been initiated by Pagode, who has an architectural background. throughout his artistic work, he has worked in fields of tension between different materials, crafts, zealots, art and poetry.

    Pagode has often been a catalyst for finding the flame in passionate souls, which has resulted, among other things, in the development of four housing communities outside Copenhagen, as well as several projects in Christiania.

    The spirit
    The hand

    In recent years, he has opened up to a world with more poetry and creativity, thus freeing himself from the architecture profession's requirements for administration, finance and documentation.

    He works closely with Di.

    Ponti and has been inspired by the work of Di.

    They come together to Karlsøya as the duo Ponti and Pagode. The hand and the Spirit. The idealistic, dreamy and the feasible. The collective and the professional concluding.