Miami Samuelsen – Wind-Wind Situation

    Miami with outstretched arms and a feather

    At this year's festival, we want to focus on art in all its forms. This spring, the festival went out with an Open Call to artists everywhere where we invited them to create land art on Karlsøya during the festival. Every day beyond this week, we present the incredible projects that various artists will realize over the next few days. 

    Wind-Wind Situation is a project about the power of the wind and the eagle and how windmills destroy/affect nature and kill birds - with a special focus on the eagles.

    The title is inspired by the expression win-win situation, because I love puns and because I really don't think that the wind turbines in Norway constitute a win-win situation for either people or nature, the establishment of wind power plants requires huge natural areas, kills countless birds and insects and much of the energy is exported out of the country. If you search for Wind-Wind Situation on Google, you will find articles related to wind turbines. Wind power plants and wind farms are, to put it mildly, in the wind in Norway at the moment and I want to make a show out of this.

    Photo: Alexander Browne

    Norway has more wind turbines than ever before, yet electricity prices have skyrocketed, why is that? What do we as a local community get in return for the wind turbines?

    Why are eagles considered sacred? How many know what the eagle's song is? Is it more common to know what a wind turbine sounds like than the eagles? What do we get in return for our many wind power plants? How long does it take for nature to recover after major interventions such as wind farms? Who earns the most from wind farms? How are people affected by noise from wind turbines? Can I sail without wind? I will explore all these thoughts and questions in this project.