The children's program!

    Children at Lavvo

    The children's program runs from Monday 1 August to Saturday 6 August, with workshops and performances and lots of fun!

    We are trying out a different type of festival this year, where everyone is a participant, no one is a volunteer, artist or organizer - everyone participates equally. 

    This also applies to children. Children up to the age of 18 are free, while all adults must pay NOK 500 to join the splice team. Then everyone gets free meals and a fun program that we all create together. 

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    Brynjar, Jim Arne and CROTONICX will hold workshops that will lead and inspire us throughout the week.

    What we do in the workshops this week will result in one Adventurous on Saturday, where we will show what we have created to everyone who comes to the festival.

    There will be three different workshops with different focus. One is about music and will be led by Brynjar who is music teacher. The other is led by Jim Arne who is carpenter. Then we will look at what we can build, make and be creative with from wood and materials.

    The third workshop is included CROTONICX. Then there will be a circus workshop with Aman and Renu from Kathmandu acrobatics og paracro, as well as a performance workshop with Loan from Svartlamon which focuses on sound, rhythms, voice and movement.

    Every day there is a common breakfast / lunch, a simple dinner, and in addition we will make a free hot meal with the children in Storlavvoen or out for a walk.

    Occasionally there will be expeditions in nature around the island.