Exhibition at Gallery Gálsá

    Sofia Waara

    Sofia Waara and Tony Fredriksson exhibit during the Karlsøy Festival. They live and work in Pajala, Tordendalen.

    Sofia has deep roots in Tornedalen and much of her art can be traced back here to the river, the culture, the people, the forest and the marshes. She now works as a teacher at Lappands gymnas. In recent years, she has immersed herself in the art of weaving together with the older women in the village while she works as artistic director at Tornedalsteatern.

    Sofia expresses itself mainly with nature's various materials. She gets misled into the forest and lets this be expressed through sound, film, photography, conceptual installations in various materials.

    At the Karlsøy Festival, she will exhibit the work Metsen Peitto, which means The Forest's Blanket. It is an ancient phenomenon that is about getting lost. When a person alone goes deep yesterday into the forest's obscure Metsän siimeksessä, the forest can lay its blanket over the person and he can become part of the forest, engulfed. When you walk in the woods, people's perceptions change.

    Sofia uses this in her work as a parallel to contemporary cultural debate and social development in Tornedalen. Another part of the work wants to make a marking related to clan communities.