Join in creating a power center among the elements!

    yurt, items and children

    This year the theme for the festival is "Peace" and the children's area has been expanded with the space where we will build Karlsøyyurta (a kind of Central Asian tent).

    We will mark this, among other things, by making power centers together. Some may call it altars, installations or "shrines". In a circle we will have five smaller circles that manifest the five elements of nature: earth - fire - water - air - ether. With creativity, cooperation and curiosity, everyone is invited to choose one or more elements and then together build and create these power centers.

    Each circle is a zone of contemplation, a power center that protects the elements where they live, grow and grow. By creating the power centers, we help charge them with our energy.

    The circles can also be seen as small shrines / zones / scenes where those who want can express themselves. There are no limits to what the five circles can look like; physically, visually, symbolically and politically. And what kind of materials, elements and objects can be used to give each place a distinctive character, life and power. Maybe someone wants to bring something that means something special? Or something they have made themselves?

    There are also no limits to what can happen at these power centers; Maybe someone wants to sing, dance, perform a poem, play theater or create circus magic?

    The process is led by CROTONICX, which is a project-based artist community for free dance and performance art. The group initiates cross-genre projects and productions in collaboration with performance artists, performing artists, activists and cultural workers from around the world across artistic disciplines, backgrounds and affiliations.

    »Human Right .. Resistance .. Riot and Revolt. Dance is Soul Revolution. When breath body and brain becomes one revolution will happen. Dance becomes personal, personal becomes political, political becomes a path. A path to The Unified Field. ”
    - CrotonicX Manifesto -