Elin & The Woods

    Elin & The Woods

    Sami music and culture have always been an important part of the Karlsøy Festival. This year it is Elin & The Woods with their "indigenous people's electronic pop" who are on Storscena on the festival site.

    The Sami artist Elin Kåven and songwriter / music producer Robin Mortensen Lynch began their musical collaboration in 2015. The music from this exciting duo is a catchy mix of electronic music with heavy rhythms and yoik. In 2020 came the debut album “Dárjja- Endure” with songs in both English and Sami and with a large dose of yoik.

    Elin Kåven from Karasjok is established in her own genre Arctic Folk Pop where she sings in Sami and yoik. She has released three critically acclaimed solo albums on her German record label, and has toured in 12 countries over the past 10 years. In 2018, she received the Sami Music Awards award “Songwriter of the Year.

    The name Elin & The Woods was created when Elin repeatedly said to Robin: "I have to go out to talk to the forest before I decide."

    "We chose this name because many of our songs are about Mother Earth, and also the Sami culture has been a great inspiration for the songs. The Sami people survive - even through strong colonization, as many other indigenous peoples also have. But we're still here. Same with our nature. It's gone through a lot of us humans, but it's still here. "

    - Elin & The Woods