Manna has kept the bassline going for a little over a lifetime and has a background from legendary Irie Darlings, as well as a number of punk bands and ymist anna. For ordinary men / women, this band of northerners is known for their excellent collaboration with Tungtvann and Joddski.

    For Jamaica connoisseurs - and for guests at the Karlsøy Festival in previous years - Manna is known as Norway's indisputably best reggae band, and as those who bring the legacy of the blessed Bjørn Jervås further into a new era.

    This is old-fashioned reggae. In her lyrics, Manna puts no fingers in between, and sings about Rastafari, incompetent politicians and the consumer society of Babylon.

    «Poor little globe, everything e turned upside down
    it is Babylon's code .. »

    Manna is a reggae band from Bodø. The members are all experienced old rockers with a background from bands such as Hjertesvikt A / S, Snowcats, Bøyen Beng, PLX-15 and Drunk, but most start their reggae career in Irie Darling's in the early 90's.

    Like Irie Darlings, they recorded an album and a pair of 7-inch in Jamaica, and worked with legends such as Big Youth, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Ras Michael and members of Skatalites, in i.a. legendary Tuff Gong Studio. The single "Babylon Fall" was released on the aforementioned "Chinna" label High Times and even hit the charts in Jamaica.

    After a couple of European tours, and another EP, Irie Darlings disbanded in the mid-90s.

    A few years later, the band started up again as Manna: the difference now was that Jamaican patois had been replaced with ramsalt northern Norwegian, and that the rock elements from Irie Darlings had been replaced with 100% lead-heavy roots rock reggae.