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    Roastfish & Cornbread

    Karlsøya is located in Karlsøy municipality, a good hour's car / bus ride north of Tromsø. The easiest way is to take the scheduled bus (weekdays) from Tromsø at 16.35 which corresponds with the ferry at 18.20. On weekdays you can take the ferry 07.20, which corresponds by bus to Tromsø and the airport. 

    Sets up extra ferries

    On the Hansnes-Karsløy-Vannøy connection, extra calls have been set up in connection with the Karlsøy Festival.

    New timetables are as follows:

    Friday 05.08: From Hansnes at 1045
    Saturday 06.08: From Hansnes at 1815
    Sunday 07.08: From Vannøya at 0935 and at 1615

    Here you will find ferry times: