The environmental and cleaning group

    The environment and the cleaning group must make good arrangements so that we can all be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means making signs for how to sort our rubbish, helping people to sort, as well as picking up rubbish on the festival grounds and in the fields. In addition, someone has to wash inside the festival house.

    We really want the festival to be as DIY as possible (do it yourself), which means that the best thing is that absolutely everyone at the festival helps to take care of the environment. So if you have any ideas on how we can get everyone to carry the full bin bag to the litter tent, or pick up litter when they see it - please share. In addition, any other ideas on how we can become more environmentally friendly are very welcome.

    Do you have ideas on how we can facilitate that as many people as possible are as environmentally friendly as possible? Then we will be happy if you sign up for this group.

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