Marketing and information

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    Join the marketing and information group!

    Our role is to collect and disseminate information about everything that happens at the festival. From Tuesday 2 August, there is usually a program from early in the morning until late in the evening. Then it is important that people get the right information at the right time.

    We solve this by posting everything on the website in addition to printing, laminating and hanging up today's program around the festival site and the island otherwise. This year we are also wondering about using old TVs to display digital info posters 😮 

    Our group is staying in the old library at the festival house, which is also the editorial office of the festival newspaper. There we gather for an editorial meeting every day 13.00. In the "Goat Hell" room, there is usually a very good atmosphere and a high risk of ending up on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper. 

    Karlsøya TV

    We are the festival's eyes and ears, so it's great if you bring your own camera (smartphone) and maybe a computer for writing and editing. This year we also plan to broadcast 1 hour Karlsøya TV online from 17-18.00 every day. The broadcasts will not go live and we can fill them with whatever we want.

    For example, photo carousels with music, interviews with participants and locals, sketches, jingles, mashups, movies, concerts or some of them, art, dance, trips, time lapse and generally good mood. 

    media island wind
    Marketing manager Øyvind fixes the technique

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