The marketing and documentation group

    At the festival, our task is to document everything that happens with pictures and video. We make a plan together for who covers what at daily "editorial meetings" after breakfast. Then you can come in and dump from a camera or mobile phone during the day. 

    We present the best photos in today's online gallery. Video of everything that happens will be turned into a film about this year's festival, which will be edited afterwards. Bring a camera (mobile is fine) with an adapter and power bank if you have one. We coordinate the group in a separate Facebook group where we can share things and help each other. 

    If you like to film and take pictures, then this group could be right for you.

    In advance of the festival, this group works to market and invite people to the festival with posters, stickers, stunts, press releases, social media and other relevant arenas. The marketing usually starts in the autumn / winter of the year before the festival and lasts until the festival is underway.

    Here you can buy a participant pass and register