2 for 1 – Buy a pass, give one as a Christmas present!

Today (Friday 16.12 – 12.00) participant registration opens for the Karlsøy Festival 2023. Considering that there are tight times for many in the run-up to Christmas, we are offering a 2 for 1 offer, valid from today until 24.12. You will then receive an extra ticket by email. which you can give away to someone you love without it costing you anything extra. 

Everyone is a participant !? What does that mean?

In 2007, the Karlsøy Festival was on top with over 2000 festival passes sold. Many people may recall the memories from these legendary festivals when they think of Karlsøy in Troms. In the last 15 years, the organizers have become a little older and the crowd in front of Storscena has become somewhat thinner. At the same time, the festival has slowly but surely developed towards something new, towards a kind of hit, a gathering or a large splice team. The last two years have been a good opportunity to cultivate and refine this "new" that has been lying in the corners. 

Program and technical group

If you light up when you hear things like XLR, CAT-6 and HDMI then this group is for you. Technical group is responsible for sound, light and network on the festival site and the rest of the island. Do you want to hang out with Kimba and Rune and arrange concerts at Zapatista bar, Lillescena and Storscena? Then this is the group for you!

The host group

Make everyone who comes to the island feel welcome! At the gate, in the office and all around. In this group, you help to provide information about ferry routes or bar rules, take care of the participants in various ways and arrange the breakfasts and general meetings. 

You can also be used as a potato in this group, so if you are ready for a bit of everything - welcome to the group!

Unger Photo: Succa

Do it yourself!

If someone wants to contribute and participate with something that is outside our "plan", it can be called "Do it yourself". assess how the project is in line with the manifesto. And how much resources the project requires. Then you present the project proposal to the program group.

Child power

Lots of activities for kids and families

The Karlsøy Festival is a festival for the whole family. The children's group plans activities throughout the year, so here you just have to hang out. Every year, the children's group has a main project that often ends up in a performance by and with the children.

Welcome to a unique experience at 70 ° north. Every summer we invite you to a week-long party and celebration at the festival site on Karlsøy in Troms. True to tradition, there will be music, art exhibitions, dance, workshops and current political debate and information from Karlsøya's perspective.

Karlsøya is a lush island with a mythical and exotic history. In the early 70's, young people moved to the island threatened with eviction to create their utopian society and live by their own rules. Today, Karlsøya is a fairly common little weather in North Troms, but already when you set foot on the quay you notice that here it is safe to shrug your shoulders and see the world with a slightly more generous perspective.

Caretaker and practical group

Caretaker and practical group

Welcome to the Caretaker Group and Practical at the Karlsøy Festival 2023! This is the group for those who like purely physical work! We are…

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The Sky Warrior

Karlsøy Festival Manifesto

The Karlsøy Festival is a celebration of resistance to a society where the most important values ​​are profitability, competition and greed. It is a protest against the destruction of districts, environmental destruction, racism and discrimination. It protests against colonialism, the exploitation and the brutal oppression of the peoples of the world.

The Karlsøy Festival is a party for and a celebration of all positive counter forces! It will reflect, recreate and promote all the alternative forces that are fighting for another and better world characterized by solidarity, compassion and love!

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