The Karlsøy Festival is one of the country's longest-running festivals and this year we will take an important step forward in how we arrange the festival.

For the past two years, we have experimented and discussed our way to a new model and vision for the Karlsøy Festival's future. To realize this dream, we need you, your creativity and your commitment.

We warmly welcome you to a different festival experience that will nourish the soul, the mind and the community. Now we will harvest more than 20 years of experience with the festival and plant new seeds with meaning, fighting spirit and counterforce.

Now we want to convey what has been the driving force for us on Karlsøya.

What happens at the festival?

Elin & The Woods

Elin & The Woods

The Sami artist Elin Kåven and songwriter / music producer Robin Mortensen Lynch started their…
Anti Social Rejects

Anti Social Rejects

Anti Social Rejects «ASR». is a northern Norwegian hardcore / punk band that hosted the Karlsøy Festival…


This is old-fashioned reggae. In her lyrics Manna puts no fingers…

Kia dances
Dance on the festival site

At this year's festival it is DU which is the program, which means that we allow everyone who wants to come and participate to do so themselves as long as it is within the festival's manifesto. The festival has technical equipment and participants who can assist with concert performances, installations, electricity and other needs. read more about the participating groups and join!

As a rule, the atmosphere tends to build up day by day towards the festival weekend itself, which after all sun marks becomes a weekend for the history books with, among other things, roots reggae with Manna and real northern Norwegian punk from Anti Social Rejects.

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The Sky Warrior

Karlsøy Festival Manifesto

The Karlsøy Festival is a celebration of resistance to a society where the most important values ​​are profitability, competition and greed. It is a protest against the destruction of districts, environmental destruction, racism and discrimination. It protests against colonialism, the exploitation and the brutal oppression of the peoples of the world.

The Karlsøy Festival is a party for and a celebration of all positive counter forces! It will reflect, recreate and promote all the alternative forces that are fighting for another and better world characterized by solidarity, compassion and love!

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