Photo: Maria Strøm Astrup

Sticker Contest!

Then the time has come for this year's sticker competition. We have received many good contributions in recent years, and we are very much looking forward to seeing their colorful creative expression again this year! The stickers here have been hung up in all the biggest cities in Norway, and even in legendary foreign countries we have seen them hanging on lampposts and fridges.

Invitation to contribute a program at Karlsøyfestivalen 2024 

The Karlsøy Festival is a small festival on Karlsøya in Troms. Karlsøya is approximately 65 kilometers plus half an hour by ferry from Tromsø, which is the nearest city and public transport hub. There has been a festival on Karlsøya since 2000. The festival focuses on music, art, children's activities, politics, local food and nature experiences. The Karlsøy Festival is the first week in August, costs… Read more »Invitation to contribute a program at Karlsøyfestivalen 2024 

The Karlsøy Festival supports Gaza

The Karlsøy Festival supports Gaza

We are deeply concerned about the recent wave of violence in the occupied Palestinian territories, a violence that has its roots in Israel's long-standing policy of apartheid and systemic violence in the region.

The children's and youth group

The children's and youth group

Do you want to help make fun days for children and young people, with cooking, activities and fun things happening?…

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The Sky Warrior

Karlsøy Festival Manifesto

The Karlsøy Festival is a celebration of resistance to a society where the most important values ​​are profitability, competition and greed. It is a protest against the destruction of districts, environmental destruction, racism and discrimination. It protests against colonialism, the exploitation and the brutal oppression of the peoples of the world.

The Karlsøy Festival is a party for and a celebration of all positive counter forces! It will reflect, recreate and promote all the alternative forces that are fighting for another and better world characterized by solidarity, compassion and love!

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The Karlsøy Festival is one of Norway's longest-running festivals and this year we will take an important step forward in the way we organize the festival. Over the past two years, we have experimented and discussed our way to a new model and vision for the future of the Karlsøy Festival. To realize this dream, we need you, your creativity and your commitment.…